Hare Nokia Maps for Android Google Play up shop

Before the company launched Nokia Maps and navigation “Hare” Nokia Here to Android phones in the Samsung Apps store exclusively then supplied to all this outside the store shortly after the owners offered to Samsung devices.     Now, the company announced that Nokia Hare for Android Maps available Pencchth experiential in Google Play formally […]



Updating the BlackBerry Messenger Android 2.6 new features

BlackBerry announced the launch of a new update to the service Conversation BlackBerry Messenger on all platforms including Android BBM 2.6 version number of the application to bring more features and improvements.   According to the Code of the BlackBerry, the updated application Blackberry Messenger Android 2.6 lets now send posters in groups with reducing […]

Updating 1.5.5 iVideo for Youtube to iPhone 6

  Updating 1.5.5 iVideo for Youtube to iPhone 6 YouTube distinctive iPhone App 6 iVideo for Youtube, When you download the program you can see your videos in YouTube and listen to music videos fast surfing through intuitive interface gorgeous design. In iVideo for Youtube program for iPhone 6, you’ll get a list of top 100 […]



Better protection applications for iPhone Everalbum 0.9.0

Better protection applications for iPhone 0.9.0 Everalbum download application iPhone Everalbum, stronger protection software that supports the Arabic language, and support you in the protection and confidentiality of an unlimited number of photos and videos, it also offers you an automatic backup copy of all the pictures on your phone, and offers unparalleled protection without […]

Phonegram 2.0.0 of Instagram iPhone software update

  Phonegram 2.0.0 iPhone software update to Instagram Phonegram application for iPhone, is the best programs from which you can browse images on Alanstgram months and relay adds comment, and explore images of all categories on Alanstgram, and the discovery of images locations on the map, the location of capture. To update the application Phonegram for […]



Download Application Cloud Sound Downloader for iPhone

  Download Application Cloud Sound Downloader for iPhone Best iPhone App for download from SoundCloud Cloud Sound Downloader, which features an intuitive user interface, with which you can explore the best songs SoundCloud, and download high-quality audio on iPhone mobile. In the application of Cloud Sound Downloader for iPhone, you can get an integrated music player […]

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